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By Nuraen Isa
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Max Access by OnlineADA is one of the most comprehensive automated accessibility solutions you would ever come across. Its toolbar is responsible for adjusting the user interface and web content for a memorable user experience. The accessibility toolbar is navigable so that people using alternative input methods other than a mouse can easily navigate the website. By relying on machine learning, Max Access improves over time, especially as it incorporates a larger body of information into its database. Thus, with time the AI system achieves perfection.

As much as Max Access is a fantastic fully automated website solution, there is lingering fear regarding whether any fully AI-powered software can deliver 100% compliance at all times. Further, there is concern over the effect of this automated process on SEO. Understanding this, Max Access makes room for the manual effort that might be needed to complement the automated process. With this allowance for manual input, Max Access leans towards the hybrid realm. By all standards, Max Access by OnlineADA is a solution we can recommend for those who wish to delegate their website compliance process to full automation.

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