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By Nuraen Isa
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User1st provides all-round accessibility services including accessibility consultation, web evaluation and audit, remediation, and training. The accessibility brand uses both automated and manual testing before remediating for full compliance. With its comprehensive accessibility platform, User1st makes an unmatched harmonization of accessibility tools your entire organization would need to attain full compliance. In many ways, User1st presents a very comprehensive solution for compliance, especially considering the fact that it provides a website overlay in addition to automated web audit and manual remediation. The uRemediate end-user toolbar is an accessibility solution that employs cloud-based, AI-powered software to achieve ADA compliance.

Based on your budget, you can contract Check1st for the whole of your accessibility process or have them take on the difficult tasks while your internal team handles the rest. This becomes easier when your team undertakes custom accessibility training which not only equips you to effectively interact with User1sts technologies and solutions but also gives you a firm grounding in the understanding of accessibility and compliance. User1st provides rich resources to help and your organization understand the impacts of accessibility on your brand. These include checklists and downloadable guides to up your knowledge of accessibility.

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