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By Nuraen Isa
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To conclude our accessiBe review 2021, if you decide to explore accessiBe a little further, then take a look at their website and start by watching the video on the homepage. This video will give you good visual insights into what you can do with this solution. The implementation of the solution to your website takes a limited amount of time. This interesting solution offers hundreds of features. It is built with smart AI technology. AccessiBe provides a platform that enables to tailor of the user interface (UI) of the website to the needs per individual. Even though it does not offer a 100% perfect solution yet, it comes close.

The Litigation Support Package included in the accessiBe web accessibility solution ensures that your website is still consistent with the ADA and WCAG specifications. This simple technology keeps the website up to date in inaccessible places without slowing it down. The monthly compliance audit report from accessiBe makes it simple to keep track of progress. While the enforcement solution is not perfect all of the time and customer service could be better, it is a reliable solution.

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