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By Nuraen Isa
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To conclude this Equalweb review, we can honestly say that Equalweb is one of the best web accessibility solutions out there. Its perfect blend of automation with manual know-how makes it a top hybrid web accessibility service. One unusual thing about Equalweb is its readiness to travel long miles to ensure compliance. Their manual audit and remediation are performed by a team that is made of people with disabilities. That is a whole lot to achieve the best results. Thinking of manning the compliance yourself or by your internal development team? Equalweb’s accessibility training is a worthwhile investment. Doing this equips employees to create products and contents that are complaint and, also, it allows you to oversee the remediation process internally. Make sure you choose the right solution for your website. We have reviewed the top three leading web accessibility solutions for you. Take a look at our detailed comparison between EqualWeb, AccessiBe and AudioEye.

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