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Compliance Sheriff is a manual-oriented web accessibility solution, even though it adopts automation for accessibility scanning. Compliance Sheriff is a fantastic accessibility solution for several reasons. First, the automated scan is easily customizable to achieve defined ends. With Compliance Sheriff, you can select only the compliance options you need and focus squarely on those. Second, the process is repeatable and allows integration into the development cycle. By building testing into the development cycle, continual compliance becomes more feasible. For this reason, Compliance Sheriff empowers developers to incorporate compliance into the initial design so that they can pinpoint and remediate problems on the go. By the same token, content providers can affect compliance as they create fresh content by checking through individual pages. A major concern about compliance Sheriff is its pricing system which leaves potential clients in the dark. In fact, the brand website is structured in such a way that a potential client is left to think that the service is not for the public. In all, Compliance Sheriff is a great manual accessibility solution.

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