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Deque’s approach to web accessibility and compliance exemplifies creativity, proactiveness, and innovation. No doubt, this web solution is one of the most comprehensive out there. That Deque built its own accessibility engine shows the height of the brand’s ingenuity and sophistication.

Deque makes accessibility a step-by-step process. Instead of leaving all problems until the end, developers are empowered to act immediately by fixing all issues on the go. This way, a considerable amount of time that would have been expended post-development manual testing is saved. It is also an impressive way to save costs. Besides, one cannot compare a web or mobile app that was founded on accessibility with one that sought compliance afterward. The difference is crystal clear.

Interestingly, an accessibility audit effortlessly flags compliance issues present on a website to allow for both manual and automated remediation. In all, Deque’s tools are highly advanced and sophisticated to achieve the full accessibility goal. Nonetheless, a host of these tools require little to no technical expertise to handle. The only issue with this comprehensive web solution is its non-transparent pricing standards. This could be a negative omen as well as a good one.

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