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By Nuraen Isa
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Aside from providing ADA compliance solution for an existing website, Adally has contrived an advanced alternative that has the highest potential to deliver the best user experience to people with disabilities. The IAX-Parallel website framework from Adally is a much more viable alternative to achieve 100% compliance. Equally interesting is Adally’s IAX-rt which delivers alerts to a registered mail as soon as a violation occurs on any of the pages. Nothing could be more efficient. A spontaneous and, at the same time, specific trigger like this is extremely useful to observe all-year-round compliance. While Adally’s services appear fascinating, not disclosing service charge for each may not be a good signal. It may be because their services are not fixed and invariably open to negotiation. It may also be for other reasons best known to them. There are very competitive prices out there and attaching a price may have both negative and positive impressions on clients.

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